Europe on Track

Travelling across Europe, meeting young people, and talking with them about the problems which concern them. For 1 month it was my job, as Ambassador of the Europe on Track project, organised by AEGEE/ European Students’ Forum.

During the final weeks of 2012, I crossed 14 countries by train, and spoke with youth in 17 cities. Through individual interviews and group discussions, we talked about the future of the European Union, youth participation in politics and society, non-formal education, sustainability, and youth entrepreneurship.

More information about this project can also be found on the website of Europe on Track, or on the Facebook page. Or look up some of the articles and external blog posts published on the project:

Faites le futur de votre Europe! (Berlin)
27 Days, 17 Countries, 6 Travellers: “Europe on Track”
Capturing the future of Europe (Bucharest)
The Europe we want for our future (Bucharest)
Младите европейци вярват в ЕС, но нямат интерес да го управляват (Sofia)


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